APCCMPD Approved Surveys 

APCCMPD Survey Distribution Policy and Application

The APCCMPD reviews and approves surveys for distribution to the APCCMPD membership. The goals of this opportunity are to: (1) improve the quality of survey research involving graduate medical education program leadership; (2) prioritize important issues and facilitate the process for important studies; and (3) respect time constraints of Program Directors and make data collection more efficient. 

All applications to distribute a survey to the APCCMPD membership must be made on-line. You will not have the ability to save and complete your application later.  

Review the APCCMPD Survey Distribution Policy and Application requirements.

Submit a Survey Distribution Application

Annual Member Benchmarking Surveys

Annually, the APCCMPD surveys P/CCM Program Directors in an effort to provide benchmarks by which Program Directors can evaluate their own Fellowship. 

To maintain relevancy, some questions are changed each year to provide insight into areas that are of interest to members. Many of the questions remain the same so that changes can be tracked over time.