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Endorsed or Sponsored Publications

Preparing for Fellowship in Internal Medicine. Steps for Success with a Focus on Strategies for Success in Fellowship
Rendell W. Ashton, MD; Kristin M. Burkart, MD; Peter H. Lenz, MD; Sunita Kumar, MD; and Jennifer W. McCallister, MD
CHEST 2018; 153(1):233-237 

Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship Accreditation Standards Executive Summary of the Multisociety Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship Accreditation CommitteeJohn J. Mullon, MD; Kristin M. Burkart, MD; Gerard Silvestri, MD; D. Kyle Hogarth, MD; Francisco Almeida, MD; David Berkowitz, MD; George A. Eapen, MBBS; David Feller-Kopman, MD; Henry E. Fessler, MD; Erik Folch, MD; Colin Gillespie, MD; Andrew Haas, MD; Shaheen U. Islam, MBBS, MPH; Carla Lamb, MD; Stephanie M. Levine, MD; Adnan Majid, MD; Fabien Maldonado, MD; Ali I. Musani, MD; Craig Piquette, MD; Cynthia Ray, MD; Chakravarthy B. Reddy, MBBS; Otis Rickman, DO; Michael Simoff, MD; Momen M. Wahidi, MD; and Hans Lee, MD
CHEST 2017; 151(5):1114-1121

Pulmonary and Critical Care In-Service Training Examination Score as a Predictor of Board Certification Examination Performance
Robert R. Kempainen, Brian J. Hess, Doreen J. Addrizzo-Harris, Douglas C. Schaad, Craig S. Scott, Brian W. Carlin, Robert C. Shaw, Jr., Lauren Duhigg, and Rebecca S. Lipner
AnnalsATS; Volume 13; Number 4; April 2016

Preparing for Fellowship in Internal Medicine. Steps for Success with a Focus on Pulmonary and/or Critical Care ProgramsGabriel T. Bosslet, Kristin M. Burkart, Matthew C. Miles, Peter H. Lenz, Candace A. Huebert, and Jennifer W. McCallister 
AnnalsATS; Volume 12; Number 4; April 2015

Entrustable Professional Activities and Curricular Milestones for Fellowship Training in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine-  Report of a Multisociety Working Group
Henry E. Fessler, MD; Doreen Addrizzo-Harris, MD; James M. Beck, MD; John D. Buckley, MD; Stephen M. Pastores, MD; Craig A. Piquette, MD; James A. Rowley, MD; and Antoinette Spevetz, MD
CHEST 2014; 146(3): 813 - 834

Publications Supported by APCCMPD Grants and Awards

2014- APCCMPD, CHEST and ATS Education Research Award
Multicenter Validation of a Customizable Scoring Tool for Selection of Trainees for a Residency or Fellowship Program The EAST-IST Study
Gabriel T. Bosslet, W. Graham Carlos III, David J. Tybor, Jennifer McCallister, Candace Huebert, Ashley Henderson, Matthew C. Miles, Homer Twigg III, Catherine R. Sears, Cynthia Brown, Mark O. Farber, Tim Lahm, and John D. Buckle
AnnalsATS; Volume 14; Number 4; April 2017

2010- APCCMPD, CHEST and ATS Education Research Award
Communication Skills Training Curriculum for Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellows
Jennifer W. McCallister,  Jillian L. Gustin, Sharla Wells-Di Gregorio, David P. Way, and John G. Mastronarde
AnnalsATS; Volume 12; Number 4; April 2015

Publications Resulting for Surveys Disseminated to APCCMPD Members

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Program Directors’ Attitudes toward Training in Medical Education A Nationwide Survey Study
Jeremy B. Richards, Jennifer W. McCallister, and Peter H. Lenz
AnnalsATS, Volume 13; Number 4; April 2016