About Us


In 1984 a the APCCMPD was organized with the basic mission of improving communications amongst program directors, providing a mechanism of communication among stakeholder organizations relative to matters involving training, the quality of training, the possibility of accreditation and the funding of individuals seeking training in pulmonary medicine. From 1995 - 2014 the American College of Chest Physicians professionally managed the operations of the APCCMPD. In 2009 the APCCMPD incorporated to form a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization.


Today the APCCMPD is an independently operated 501(c)(6). APCCMPD’s leadership and support of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Training Programs and faculty is widely recognized. The APCCMPD aspires to foster excellence in training and mentoring of the next generation of educators in pulmonary and critical care medicine. We value Education as a Profession, Responsiveness, Supportiveness, Inclusiveness, and Advocacy.

Building on that foundation, APCCMPD offers a broad array of services and resources to help training programs provide high-quality training and education.