Results of APCCMPD Approved Member Surveys 

The APCCMPD Encourages the results of all approved surveys be shared with the APCCMPD membership.

Survey Title Date Response Rate Link to Results

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on U.S.
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Fellowship Training

 October 2020 28.5 % ats-scholar.2021-0067oc.pdf

A National Survey of Program Directors of Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Programs - Impressions of fellow procedural training and Interventional Pulmonology

 May 2020  28%
Attitudes of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Program Directors Regarding Leadership Training  October 2018  40%
Current practices in ILD training for pulmonary fellows  August 2018  40%
Current Approaches to Pre-Clinical Procedural Training for Pulmonary and/or Critical Care Fellows  May 2018  31.7% 
The Personal Statement: What program directors are looking for  March 2018  33%
Global health-related training opportunities: A national survey of
pulmonary and critical care fellowship programs
 August 2017  37%

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Annual Member Benchmarking Surveys

Annually, the APCCMPD surveys P/CCM Program Directors in an effort to provide benchmarks by which Program Directors can evaluate their own Fellowship. 

To maintain relevancy, some questions are changed each year to provide insight into areas that are of interest to members. Many of the questions remain the same so that changes can be tracked over time.