Value of Membership

When the right people come together, BIG things happen.

APCCMPD is the only organization for pulmonary and critical care medicine training programs and clinician educators. Annual Membership in the APCCMPD is at the Program level. Your Program's membership includes the individuals listed below.
  • Program Directors

  • Associate Program Directors

  • Key Clinical Faculty

  • Junior Faculty

  • Program Coordinators and Administrators

  • Fellows-in-Training with an interest in medical education

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As a member, you will have access to clinician educator professionals and many more benefits.

Faculty Development Opportunities and Fellowship Program Resources and Tools


 Career Promotion and Development for the Clinician Educator

  • The APCCMPD has launched a new learning portal,, which contains relevant and current tutorials and topics for Program Directors, Associate Program Directors and clinician faculty. Your faculty's access to the learning portal is a benefit of your program's membership
  • also provides members with a toolkit that contains resources and templates for Fellowship Programs. For example, milestone-based assessment tools, direct observation tools, timelines of important deadlines, CCC, PEC examples, etc.
  • The APCCMPD offers a validated In-service Exam, furthering opportunities to analyze the data to help programs assess curriculum and fellow knowledge over time. Learn More.
  • Discounts to the Annual Spring Conference
    Expert presentations, hands-on workshops, implementable ideas.
    • Topics cover all aspects of program administration and fellowship education.
    • Network with Program Directors and other Clinician Educators and Program Coordinators.
  • The APCCMPD recognizes the need to help promote the academic advancement of its members, including Program Directors, Associate Program Directors, key clinical faculty, clinician educators, and Program Coordinators. 

  • National Educator Awards 
    Outstanding Educator Award
    Mid-Career Educator Award
    Early Career Educator Award 

  • Presentation at National Meetings
    APCCMPD members have the opportunity to submit and present abstracts on innovative curriculums and novel medical education research projects.

  • Expanded Certificate Programs
    The APCCMPD has partnered with AAMC to offer the Medical Education Research Certificate (MERC) Course. 
  • Career Center:
    • Post jobs that communicate to all Pulmonary and Critical Care Training Programs.  
    • Learn about positions specific to you.

Advocacy for Critical Care, Pulmonary, and Pulmonary-Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Programs


 Funding Scholarly Opportunities

  • Understand Trends in Fellowship
    The APCCMPD administers an annual benchmarking survey to understand trends in fellowship training across P/CCM.

  • Impacting GME Regulations
    The APCCMPD works across all the stakeholder organizations to ensure buy-in of policies impacting fellowship training and serves as a communicator between P/CCM Fellowship Directors and regulatory and oversight stakeholders.

The APCCMPD now provides its members the opportunity to apply for up to $25,000 to fund innovative and novel research in medical education. Learn about the funding opportunities available.




Member support of the mission of APCCMPD is vital to both the field and profession of medical education and P/CCM fellowship programs. We hope that you will take the time to renew your membership and remain part of our community.