Peer Mentorship Program


The APCCMPD Peer Mentorship Program (PMP) is a unique program that partners new Pulmonary and or Critical Care Training Program Directors (PD), Associate Program Directors (APD) and Program Coordinators with Pulmonary and or Critical Care Training Program Directors, Associate Program Directors and Program Coordinators. Mentors have been in their position for at least 5 years, have a working familiarly and feels comfortable advising new peers with the NAS.

As professional growth and development as a clinician educator is an important component of the APCCMPD mission, this peer mentoring process welcomes new candidates to our community in practical and meaningful ways. The PMP matches new professionals with mentors based on a variety of characteristics including: specialty of program, geographic location, and size and type of training program.

The PMP is intended to help guide new PDs, APDs and Program Coordinators, through the process of gaining familiarity ACGME requirements, the theory and practice of delivering clinical education and effective program organization. The PMP serves as a venue to which new pulmonary and/or critical care training professionals can facilitate partnerships and mutual learning within the community.

PMP mentees benefit from valuable professional advice and perspectives and have the opportunity to create a unique and lasting relationship with clinician educators and professionals. PMP mentors enhance the clinical educators and professionals experience by serving as role models, coaches and advisors to the pulmonary and critical care medicine program community as new professionals are faced with choices and consider how to best apply and advance within their newly acquired role in the pursuit of their own professional and personal goals and those of the fellows they are training.

Time Commitment:
The program consists of a minimum of one meeting or phone call (for out of state mentors) per academic year. However, mentors and new training directors are encouraged to meet and communicate above and beyond these minimums as personal schedules allow. New training directors are encouraged to be the initiators of communication in regards to sending emails and setting up times to meet.

Eligibility Criteria Enroll as a Mentee:

  • Must belong to a program that is a current member of the APCCMPD. 
  • New Program Directors should demonstrate commitment to the goals of the APCCMPD and interest in defining and supporting the education and training or pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine program directors and fellows. 

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