Member Survey Committee

The APCCMPD Member Survey Committee will closely examine the value and process of disseminating surveys on behalf of APCCMPD members and those intended for individual research projects. The MSC will not evaluate the value of the Annual Benchmarking Survey, the Annual Fellows Survey, or surveys regarding national policy issues. The MSC will consider the existing Survey Dissemination Policy when making recommendations.


John Mastronarde, MD - Chair
Portland VA Medical Center

Laura Hinkle, MD
PCCM Associate Program Director
University of Indiana
Van K. Holden, MD
PCCM Training Program Director
University of Maryland
Bart Moulton, MD
PCCM Training Program Director
Oregon Health & Science University

Mark Warner, MD
PCCM Training Program Director
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston


Participate on the Member Survey Committee


If you would like to participate on the APCCMPD Member Survey Committee, the APCCMPD is now accepting nominations for volunteer positions. All nominees must submit a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (view APCCMPD Leadership COI Policy) to be considered.