APCCMPD Provides Feedback to ABIM on Proposal to Grant MOC Credit for Fellowship QI Activities

In a letter dated May 25, the ABIM requested comments regarding possible changes to the Approved Quality Improvement (AQI) program regarding the Program Director's and other internal medicine and subspecialty faculty's ability to receive Practice Assessment MOC for their involvement in quality improvement and patient safety activities that occur in the context of the training program.  

On behalf of our membership the APCCMPD provided feedback on these proposed changes. The APCCMPD strongly agreed that internal medicine and subspecialty Program Directors should receive MOC credit for their role in quality improvement/patient safety activities by virtue of their leadership role in ACGME accredited training programs.

While the APCCMPD felt that as a group Program Directors could identify those faculty who are engaged in quality improvement/patient safety activities, we expressed concern regarding the potential reporting burden associated with attestation; particularly as the activity and involved faculty are further removed from fellowship program management.  As such, the APCCMPD recommended that Program Director attestation only extend to faculty participation with quality improvement/patient safety projects that involve fellows within the fellowship program. Further, the Program Director’s decision to attest should not be one that is mandated. Additionally, the APCCMPD expressed concerned that the additional documentation burden may be excessive, and strongly urged the ABIM to weigh this in their planning.

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