5 star award 

Mid-Career Educator Award


This award honors mid-career individuals who are actively engaged in enhancing the practice and profession of pulmonary and/or critical care medicine through education. The medical educator selected for this award is actively making significant and innovative contributions to education in pulmonary and/or critical care medicine. These contributions should include education beyond the local level, with recognition of the recipient's excellence which may include teaching, directing, mentoring, writing and speaking abilities, ideally to multiple levels of audiences including medical students, residents and fellows. Candidates should be within 15-years of fellowship, although exceptions to this may be made on a case-by-case basis. One individual will be selected for the award and will receive recognition at the 2019 APCCMPD Annual Spring Conference, March 13-15, 2019, Albuquerque, NM. 

The following criteria serve as guidance for this award. Nominees should:

  • Have developed a supportive environment for teaching and scholarship.
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to mentorship and established a track record for successful mentorship.
  • Have provided instruction on teaching skills such as curricular design, teaching methods, and learning and program assessment.
  • Be a successful advocate and guide in administrative, organizational, and professional matters for junior clinician educators.
  • Demonstrate personal concern for his/her mentees and supports their personal and professional development.
  • Value teaching within pulmonary and/or critical care medicine.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and professionalism.
  • Place an equal or greater emphasis on the professional development of his/her trainees than on self-promotion or advancement.

Eligibility Criteria

The recipient of the national award WILL be:

  • A pulmonary, critical care or sleep clinician, at the level of Assistant or Associate Professor (or equivalent), within 5-15 years of fellowship, who spends a majority of his/her time serving as a clinician educator.
  • A clinician educator whose major portion of time is spent in fellow-level education.
  • Recognized by fellows-in-training as an outstanding educator and by his/her peers as having made substantial contributions to the field of medical education though various means at the local and regional levels. Nominations must reflect excellence in this area above all else.
  • A Program Director, Associate Program Director, or Faculty within an APCCMPD Member Fellowship Program.

A recipient WILL NOT be: 

  • A current member of the APCCMPD Board of Directors or within 4-years of serving as the Immediate-Past President. Individuals who serve as Secretary-Treasurer are eligible to apply after 1-year of serving as the Secretary-Treasurer.
  • A peer must nominate a potential awardee. Self-nominations will NOT be accepted.  

Key Dates: 

Submission Opens: August 1, 2018
Nomination Deadline: December 3, 2018

Nomination Acceptance: December 7, 2018
Letter of Support Deadline: January 7, 2019

Selection Process 

Individuals wishing to nominate a mid-career educator should first obtain the approval of the prospective nominee.

  1. Nomination: The individual who wishes to nominate a mid-career educator should complete a Nomination Form. Within this form the nominator will be asked to provide a brief description of the nominee’s impact as a clinician educator in pulmonary and critical care fellowship (December 3, 2018).
  2. Nomination Acceptance: APCCMPD staff will correspond with all nominees and will be asked to complete a Nomination Acceptance Form. The  Nomination Acceptance Form will require the following information for completion (December 7, 2018):
    1. List the names and email addresses of three individuals that have agreed to provide a Letter of Support for the nominee. The Letter of Support should describe how the nominee has demonstrated excellence as an educator of fellows-in-training within P/CCM Medicine.
    2. The nominee’s CV.
    3. A .JPG format, color photograph of the nominee (head and shoulders).
    4. Confirmation that, if selected, the awardee will attend the 2019 APCCMPD Annual Spring Conference.
  3. Letters of Support: The APCCMPD will correspond with the 3 individuals identified to provide a Letter of Support. Nominees will not be considered unless all material is submitted by January 7, 2019.
  4. Selection Process: The Awards Selection Committee will review all nominees. The committee will develop a ranked slate of the top qualifiers, based on the eligibility criteria. The Awards Selection Committee Chair will present the ranked slate of the top qualifiers to the APCCMPD Board of Directors for voting.
  5. Awardee Recognition: All applicants will be honored by the APCCMPD in the Annual Awards Booklet. The APCCMPD will present the 2019 Mid-Career Educator recipient with a plaque at the 2019 APCCMPD Annual Spring Conference. The APCCMPD will also recognize the 2019 Mid-Career Educator in its quarterly newsletter and on its Website. 

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